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We at Krishi Unnati would like to introduce ourselves as Manufacturers of “Biologically Activated Products from Plant Extracts” (eco friendly organic drugs). Consultants & Total solution providers, in the field of agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, veterinary and aquaculture.Our AGRO product range includes Natural & Organic Plant Growth Promoters, Plant Growth Regulators, Soil Enhancers, Soil Micro Flora Boosters, Nutritional Supplements to Plants, Animals & Soil.The continual usage of our agro formulations helps farmers by completely stopping the Chemical Fertilizer use hence reducing the production cost as well as increasing the yield of the produce with better quality in terms of Size, Colour, Aroma, Texture, Taste, Keeping Quality (Shelf Life), Shorter Cultivation Time, etc. In animal husbandry it helps in fast weight gain as well as milk booster, fat enhancer and also for the fertility of the animal. With the usage of our formulations for continuous 3 years, the soil & the produce could officially be certified as ORGANIC SOIL.Medicines are made from plant extracts, which is a combination of Ayurveda and Homeopathy.Nanosolutions is the pioneer in India and till date the only company for such technologies.

Krishi Unnati

We promote sustainable practices through our employees, stakeholders, and clients for the well being of our society, world, and ecosystem. We also promote sustainable farming practices that are economically viable, environmentally friendly, strengthen our communities, and protect the health of present and future generations.With our expertise in developing growth strategies, sustainable agribusinesses, operational efficiency, and integration of stakeholders in value chains we have created tailor-made solutions to bridge the gap between real challenges across the supply chain.Our agriculture methods and practices are based on protecting our earth’s natural resources through technology and innovation and efficiently using the land, material, and water in our overall operations.

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