Fruits And Vegetable

Fruits And Vegetable Processing

Krishi Unnati offers a complete portfolio of food and vegetable processing. We set up the whole food and vegetable processing equipment/machines that are renowned for corrosion resistance, dimensional accuracy and durable construction. We have been doing these for years. We set-up the whole machinery from start to finish to give end-products that are ready to sell in the market for your business.


We offer state-of-the-art equipment which will ease the method of creating pickles. We set-up machines for cutting chillies, lemon, raw mango, mixing the pickle etc. Simple in design and straightforward to use, these machines are designed to offer consistent and long-lasting performance.


For making syrup, excess fruit crops, or damaged fruit unsuitable for its original destination as fruit, fruit products are prepared in juice form. The juice is decolourized and the flavours removed, through proprietary processes, and the remaining material – usually a solution of invert sugar.


We set-up all the range of machines for pre-candying and candying fruits and citrus. We can supply whole lines on a skid for the assembly of marmalade, under vacuum, in a continuum or by batch. We can design all kinds of plants on a skid for blending and formulating nectars starting from ingredients handling to the thermal stabilizing.


We can setup tomato processing plant on turnkey basis where fresh tomatoes are going to be processed to manufacture tomato puree/ketchup, concentrate and ingredient. The plant includes machines for washing tomatoes, crushing and hot breaking, extracting tomato pulp, vacuum or open kettle concentration, pasteurizing etc. The number and size of machines depend upon the capacity of the plant.


Jam is normally prepared from the readymade pulp. We set-up automatic and semi-automatic plants for jam processing that includes machines for sugar syrup preparation, mixing tanks for mixing pulp and sugar syrup, vacuum evaporation or open kettle evaporation, etc. The number and size of machines depend upon the capacity of the plant. Jam is normally filled in glass bottles. We set-up fully automatic filling machine for jam filling consisting of an automatic jam filling machine, feed conveyor, discharge conveyor, lug capping machine, etc.


Krishi Unnati caters to the requirements of various food processing businesses with a versatile range of squash processing machines. We set-up high-end jam and squash production equipment for preparation, sterilisation, processing and packaging purposes.


Cordial may be a crystal clear product, normally sweetened with sugar, which is diluted to taste on serving. The production of cordial requires the juice to be clarified in order to produce a crystal clear final product.


Candy is the most popular type of confectionery over the world, and there is certainly something about this unique product that holds many mysterious qualities. To achieve the desired shapes of candies, we offer candy moulds custom service. The core part, continuous vacuum cooker, which provides top quality syrup and consists of pre-heater, film concentrate-system, vacuum system, heating/heat preservation system, discharging system, electrical system and pipes.


We have developed outstanding knowledge of the equipment types that produce only the very best results. At Krishi Unnati, we set-up cider equipment for each and every stage of the cider-making process, having developed relationships with some of the top manufacturers and suppliers for years.

Canning of vegetables

Canning is a very old method of food preservation that was extremely useful in the days before refrigeration. Basically, a jar is filled with food, fitted with a lid and boiled in water for a period of time. The boiling should both kill any harmful organisms in the food and force air out of the jar, sealing the lid to the top with a vacuum.

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