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Spices Processing Unit

Krishi Unnati offer end to end customized Spice processing solutions right from idea conceptualization, design, planning, manufacturing, and quality control to efficient Erection and commissioning of projects. Understanding no customer requirement is little, we've capabilities to manufacture standalone equipment to completely Automated Spice Processing plants.

Automated processes in Spice processing include Cleaning, Grinding, Blending, Sieving, Material Handling and Bulk Storage, Batch making up to Packing with minimal human intervention, thus, ensuring high product quality and hygiene.


Garlic is an important commercial crop cultivated throughout the country with major production. For the garlic peeling processing plant, we can provide you with the whole garlic process solution. You can tell the capacity you need and the process steps you need. Then provide you solution according to your detailed requirement.


Ginger is one of the most important spices crops in India, is known for its aromatic and medicinal properties. It is used as a flavoring agent in many food items. Ginger powder and oil are extensively used in herbal medicines. Complete lines and technology for Ginger processing as well as reliable service are provided by our skilled engineering. It is our goal to be of service to our customers as effectively as possible.


Cardamom popularly, known as Queen of Spices is native to the evergreen rain forests of the Western Ghats in South India. Cardamom is employed for flavoring various preparations of food, confectionery, beverages, and liquors. They are considered one among the foremost valuable spices, often employed within the preparation of flavorer, sausages, cakes pickles, and confectionery.


The food processing industry uses both whole and ground sort of cloves in various preparations. Clove oil is employed in perfumeries, pharmaceuticals, and flavoring industries. The clove spice consists of the unopened flower buds of the tropical clove, which are collected and dried within the sun. Buds must be picked early and dried before they are technically a mature clove.


The peppery flavours of Cumin add to its value as a culinary spice as well as its function for helping ease digestive complaints. The property of this flavour known as a carminative is to help dispel gas from the digestive tract. The processing involves

1. Cleaning for whole cumin used as a spice, seed purpose etc.

2. Cumin Powder

3. Cumin oil


We provide complete set-up of Haldi (Turmeric) Processing Plant like Fully Automatic Grinding Plant, Semi-Automatic Grinding Plant, Manually Grinding Plant, Turmeric Grinder. Krishi Unnati is working for several years in the Spices industries and also work with major brands in the domestic and International Market. Plants are designed by our excellent team before design, First, we conduct to inspect your area where you establish the plant and after that, we are providing you with the best and suitable design of the plant.

Black Pepper

Black pepper the king of spices is originated in the Western Ghats of India and subsequently spread to other countries. In the processing of pepper products like Dehydrated pepper and fresh pepper in brine, much care is taken to pick good quality berries, since the standard, size, color, and character of products vary consistent with the variability of the vine, soil conditions, altitude of the land etc.


It is a valuable spice that's obtained from the bark of an evergreen tree. The bark and the leaves of Cinnamon are commonly used as spices in home kitchens and their distilled essential oils or synthetic analogs are used as a flavoring agent in the food and beverage industry. For cinnamon and cassia oils of international commerce, production of oil is secondary to the assembly of the spice.

With its long periods of preparing experience, Krishi Unnati invites all the individuals for an accommodating and expert climate and proceeds with this expert methodology climate in be transient exchanging or long haul business organizations with the input got from associations and on-location Research and Development focus.

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