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Maize is one among the most used cereals after paddy and wheat. It is largely cultivated in north and west India, though there is the cultivation of maize in eastern and southern India. There are basic commercial product maize oil, zein, maize hull, maize starches are obtained directly from maize. Starch is the main product of a maize processing unit, that is consumed in various other industries like textiles, papers, hotels food, pharmaceuticals, and restaurants, etc.

We are the leading maize processing unit in Rajasthan. We have a team of experts for assembling and altering the utilization of starch, germ, husk, and gluten. We have the latest technology and manufacturing equipment for the quality of the products. We are working in this field for 25 years and have managed maize in more than one way.

The unit is grounded on the substratum of enviable inputs made by our Research & Development professionals that aid us to meet the international standards and sustain our growth in the industry. With the in-house laboratory for physical, chemical, and microbiological testing, we will adequately conduct researches for further improvement and superior quality deliverance.

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