Jaivik Kheti

Jaivik Kheti

Standards for Organic Production the Standards for organic Production is notified in National Program for organic Production (NPOP) by the Director-General Foreign Trade under the Foreign Trade Regulation) Act, 1992. The NPOP has a system wherein Certification Bodies are accredited with National Accreditation Body (NAB) which is chaired by the Additional Secretary in the Department of Commerce. secretariat of the NAB is with APEDA. NPOP covers standards for crops and their products, live stocks and poultry products, aquaculture, apiculture, etc.

The exports from the country are as per the provisions in NPOP. KrishiUnnati products are approved organic inputs such as organic fertilizers, Organic Preventer We are providing organic solutions across many countries with different crop patterns and environmental conditions. We at KrishiUnnatiwould like to introduce ourselves as Manufacturers of"Biologically Activated Products from Plant Extracts" (eco-friendly organic drugs) Consultants & Total solution providers in the field of agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, veterinary and aquaculture.

Our AGRO product range includes Natural & Organic PlantGrowth Promoters, Plant Growth Regulators, SoilEnhancers, Soil Micro Flora Boosters, NutritionalSupplements to Plants, Animals & Soil. The continual usage of our agro formulations helps farmers by completely stopping the Chemical Fertilizer use hence reducing the production cost as well as increasing the yield of the product with better quality in terms of Size, Color, Aroma, Texture, Taste, Keeping Quality (Shelf Life), ShorterCultivation Time, etc. Our capabilities include advanced agricultural research to scale up agricultural production, modern facilities, and a range of organic and bioproduct.

Organic Farming

Avoid Usage of Chemical

Natural &

Biological Diversity & Heterogeneity

Environment & Local Farming system


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