The oil processing industry involves the extraction and processing of oils and fats from vegetable sources. Vegetable oils and fats are principally used for human consumption but also are utilized in animal feed, for medicinal purposes, and surely technical applications. The oils and fats are extracted from a variety of fruits, seeds, and nuts. Vegetable oils derived from plants are known to have many benefits. Besides enhancing the feel and flavor of food, oil has many other advantages and hence should be incorporated into our daily diet.

Edible oil producers worldwide rely on know-how to remove impurities and volatile components and optimize refining processes. Count on Krishi Unnati to ensure aroma, stability, optimal taste, appearance, and nutritional value of your edible oils while maximizing product quality, safety, and yield.

At Krishi Unnati, each customer depends on us to provide goods and services that are safe, on-time, and consistently in line with the required specification. They also rely on us to help them innovate and create new opportunities.


• By using soyabean oil, low erucic acid rapeseed oil, you can manage to keep cholesterol levels low.
• Edible cooking oils like peanut, olive and soyabean oil aren't only healthy but also enhance the flavor of food.

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