Maize Processing

Maize Processing Unit

Maize is the third largest planted crop after wheat and rice. It is mostly used and traded as a number one feed crop but is additionally a crucial food staple. In addition to food and feed, maize has a wide range of industrial applications as well; from food processing to manufacturing of ethanol.

At Krishi Unnati, we set up all the things from the elevation of raw materials, selection by winnowing, removal of micro impurities, stone, metals, moisture adjustment, peeling, corn germ removal, crushing, slagging, flour milling, packaging, etc, all maize product production process efficiently. We can set-up machinery that produces different size of maize grits, and maize flour from 30 to 120 meshes. We can totally meet the different needs of the market. We set-up a maize processing plant that has the characteristics of advanced technology, reasonable layout, low power consumption, excellent equipment, strong specificity, high powder yield and good quality of finished products.


• Maize increases the blood flow, lowers cholesterol absorption and regulates insulin, making it an excellent choice for diabetics and cholesterol patients.
• Maize contains a variety of B vitamins, as well as potassium. The latter mineral supports healthy blood pressure, heart function, muscle contractions, prevents muscle cramps, and helps maintain muscle mass.
• Maize is rich in vitamins B, E, A, PP, which are very useful for the females, has beneficial effects on hair and skin, help to cope with depression.